How to Adjust Brakes on a Car

Now we’re actually going to outperform the adjusting process. Um, if we, we’ve now raised a vehicle up to a higher height, uh, to, to gain access to the underside here we’ll see the actual hole, uh, for the adjustment.

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I removed the plug so that we can actually use our brake adjusting tool to make the adjustment. I determined earlier and looking at the star wheel self-adjuster that when I needed to do is to push down on it. And what we will do is, is spend the wheel and at this point where we don’t really have any drag, uh, it spins pretty freely without me even touching it. Once I’ve spun it up to speed. And what I will do now is I will begin to turn that star adjuster wheel and feeling for signs that we’re starting to get drag on the shoes. So when the gap has been taken up, it’s properly adjusted and there’s a little bit of drag, but not too much.

How to Clean Car Floor Mats

Hello. Today we’re going to talk about cleaning the floor mats in your vehicle. And uh, the first thing I want to do is just give you a general outline of what the process entails. Uh, so you’re gonna have to have as always the right tools for the job. I’m going to need a hard bristle brush. We’re going to just use that to also to agitate the, uh, uh, debris. So it’ll come up from the fabric inside of the format. Then you’re going to have my shampoo brush. This is a very stiff-bristled brush that once you spray the shampoo onto the, uh, format, you use this to actually scrub it to remove any stains and debris that are trapped inside of the floor mat. Uh, and of course I’ve been speaking about our shampoo. What I’m using today is a restless shag carpet shampoo. This will allow us to spray this dispenser, allows us to spray it onto the floor mat.

And, uh, once we sprayed it down, brushed it, brushed the detergent in, we’re going to use just a regular wet-dry vac to pick up the debris. We’re not going to use an extractor on this shampooing a demonstration because since we’re using a rinse less shampoo, uh, we don’t need an extractor to remove any of the, uh, cleaning residue. The first thing you do when cleaning the format, it’s always important just to beat it out. You see the dirt that is flying out and this allows all that trapped in the dirt to come out. You want to make sure you’re not going to beat it to the point where no more, uh, no dirt comes out once you finish or you get down to a reasonable amount where you don’t see a lot of debris falling out of the, uh, Matt from beating it. But you’re going to set it on your stand-in, vacuum up the rest of any debris that maybe, uh, inside of the or on the floor mat. So I’m going to do a light vacuuming.

check again, you don’t have really any debris falling down. Then we’re going to start our shampoo process. Hey, primed the pump, place our shampoo on the floor. Man. Want to make sure we put a nice amount of shampoo on the format and made sure that every area of it as moist, want to take our regular bristle brush and just gently work that shampoo into the format. Then we’re going to take our scrubbing brush and began to.
And then once you scrub the entire format, you’re going to take your wet dry vac and after you vacuumed up a lot of the moisture, you’re going to follow up with a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels really absorb it. So this will help remove any additional moisture that was left behind by the vacuum. And this will help the drying time. This will greatly reduce the drying time.

After we’re finished while we have is a thoroughly cleaned and shampooed format. If he had, if you can, you can let this air dry outside for about an hour and then place an inside of your vehicle after it’s dry. But now it’s all cleaned and free of stains and you’re ready for a place inside your vehicle. After the trial.

How to Test a Windshield Wiper Motor

How to test a windshield wiper motor. Um, if your windshield wipers are acting up or not working at all. Um, then there’s a couple of things you can check. If the wiper motor, uh, is not working at all. Then the first thing you’ll want to do is check to make sure that you’re getting voltage at the motor. Um, now different vehicles have different wiring schematics, so you’ll, you’ll want to check to see what the wiring’s chromatic is like on your particular vehicle. Uh, in the case of this vehicle, um, our wiper motor is mounted right here on the firewall. Uh, it’s got a connector with multiple wires going in. Um, and if we remove that connector, I know that, um, the ground pin is the upper left pin and the 12 volts positive for when the wipers are on the regular position is the lower middle pin.

So I’ve set my digital multimeter to voltage and I’m going to take my, my probes and I’m going to put the ground probe in on the ground pin and the positive probe on the positive 10, and we’re getting 11.88 volts, which is pretty darn close to 12 volts. So we know that we’re getting voltage up to the motor. Um, there’s a good indication that this motor is likely I’m not functioning. Uh, it could be that it just needs to be lubricated. The gearbox is full of grease and the grease hardens over time. So occasionally you can remove the plate from this, uh, clean out the old grease, refill it, uh, with a good multipurpose grease or white lithium grease. Uh, and that might be all it takes. A, it might need to be replaced completely. If you’re not getting 12 volts at the connector, um, then you might have a blown fuse.

Um, you might have a problem with the switch, uh, the wiper switch itself, or you might have an issue with the wiring between the switch and the connector. Uh, the fuse is obviously the easiest thing to check. Uh, and then the switch, uh, and then finally tracing the wiring to see if you have a short or an open wire. Uh, one last thing to consider is that some white promoters are grounded through their mounting bolts. Um, and if that’s the case, you want to make sure that you have good solid continuity between the mounting bracket of the motor and the chassis of the vehicle. If that ground connection is a corroded or broken, um, then it will keep the motor from running. And the easiest way to test that again is like your multimeter. Uh, simply switch it to resistance or ohms. Uh, put one lead on the chassis and one lead on the white promoter and you should get good continuity between the two. Now, this particular vehicle has a separate ground wire, so it doesn’t need that. Um, but that’s just something to bear in mind if you’re having trouble with a ground related issue on your wife, promoter.

Automobiles Parts in Different Categories


Automobiles parts are produced in various areas of the globe. The automobile production business select quality devices from worldwide to assemble them into fantastic styles. There are many automobile components that they require to be categorized right into various categories.

You can begin an automobile spare components marketing service if there are a variety of automobile factory in your area. These organizations generally create excellent earnings if you have the ability to use high-quality spares to the suppliers. These spares are likewise called for by the automobile repair market. Prior to you start the automobile extra component organization, you need to learn about different classifications of these spares.

Vehicle Body Components

The main vehicle body saves or vehicle exterior parts consist of hoods as well as bumpers. Besides, there are devices like roofing system racks, hard trim, trim package, fender, grille as well as crown display among others.

The door and home window parts to are consisted of in this category of automobiles components. These consist of the door takes care of, door seal, door water shield, joints, locks, window seal, window electric motor, home window regulator and more. Home window glass is another important auto component in this group.

Automobile Interiors Parts

The automobiles parts for the insides are generally related to the automobile seats. Armrest, headrest, seat bracket, bench seat, seat belts, seat covers as well as numerous other seat parts are consisted of in this group. Besides, flooring materials, rugs and also center console are various other vehicle components that this classification has.

Auto Engine Components

An essential category of automobile components contains different auto engine parts, like duct, camshaft, crankshaft, cylindrical tube head, engine shutoff, piston, turbocharger, tappet and so on. Besides, there are several various other vital parts like cooling follower, air blower, radiator, water pump, the water tank and also coolant hosepipe. The engine oil system consists of other integral parts like oil filter, oil pump, oil filter, and oil pipe. You mat likewise count automobile lubricants among the auto engine parts.

Automobile Electric as well as Electronic Parts

This group consists of automobiles components associated with electric systems in an automobile, consisting of a battery and also voltage regulatory authority. Ignition system parts and lights and also signaling components too are included in this group. One more sub-category is that of determines and maters that include an ammeter, dynamometer, fuel scale, odometer, tachometer, speedometer, voltmeter, temperature gauge as well as much more. Sensors like airbag sensing unit, temperature level sensing unit, light sensing unit, fuel degree sensor, engine sensing unit as well as various other kinds of sensors are also the parts of this category.

Other Classifications

Braking system components like brake backing pad, brake cooling air duct, brake servo, brake disc and brake line type one more category of automobile components.

Fuel supply systems have elements like an air filter, gas cooler, gas filter, fuel pump, gas storage tank, gas water separator and so on.

The transmission system is one more classification of automobiles parts, including clutch set up, gear and also gearbox, differential elements and many others.

Wheel and also rate parts, windshield system parts as well as exhaust system elements too are very important vehicle spare components.

It is essential that you learn about each classification of automobile components so that you purchase the most effective high-quality components from the manufacturers and providers.