GoWrench Auto Mobile Mechanic App and Service

I decided to start to use the GoWrench Auto Mobile Mechanic App and Service because we’ve all been there when vehicles have broken down or needed maintenance. With the current way that the market serves, it’s a hassle to get your vehicle service whether you’re sitting in a waiting room or getting a ride back and forth. It’s just not a convenient way to get your vehicle serviced.


When one of my vehicles broke down while I working, I asked my mechanic at the time if he could come and fix my car on the spot to save me the costs of the tow as well as save me the time and hassle of bringing it in and he responded to me, “I don’t do house calls, buddy.” That’s where the light bulb turned on for me and what initially founded the idea of.

The process is simple. If your vehicle breaks down or needs maintenance, you can either give us a quick call or you go right online to get an instant quote, schedule it in and have a mechanic shop on-site to fix your car at your convenience. Whether it’s home or work will be there as far as warranty goes, you can rest assured that everything that we do is under warranty. We provide an additional one year, 20,000-kilometer warranty. You know you’re in good hands with us.

So why choose GoWrench? One of the best parts is that we actually come in 10 to 30 percent cheaper than shops in dealerships. Not only are you getting a nice clean surface at home or work, you’re saving your precious time and you’re saving money.  You have the knowledge that you can go online and create a free account to manage all your vehicles in your household or your business and didn’t have access to exclusive deals. The next time you need automotive repair maintenance visit us online. We’ll be there.